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18 year old stabbed to death

August 17, 2006

Lee County - - A teenager was stabbed to death in Lee County last night and investigators say it could have been in a fight over a girl. Tonight, a 23 year old parolee is charged with killing him. 

It happened in a peaceful, calm, Lee County neighborhood that overlooks several ponds. People are still shaken over the fact that someone was murdered in their back yard.

Toni Kirksey says part of the reason she moved to this area is because of it's quiet atmosphere.

"The only traffic that I see during the day are either the people who live on my street or the mail lady."

But when she started her Thursday morning routine, things were different from usual.

"When I dropped my kids off at daycare, there was a helicoptor. I noticed several times sheriff's deputies cars coming down the road."

They were looking for 23 year old Allen Williams. He's facing murder charges in the death of 18 year old Jontavious Seay. It happened on Keyridge Drive, off Stocks Dairy Road.

Neighbors who didn't want to talk on camera say they saw a man running through the neighborhood last night, looking back as he ran. The next thing they knew, a body was lying on the ground.

"The suspect fled the scene shortly after stabbing the victim," says Col. Duane Sapp.

That's when Sheriff's Deputies went on a hunt to find Williams. But they couldn't. The search continued this morning after hearing Williams was back at the scene. Police returned, but Williams had left on foot.

"Ultimately he was found just a little before 9 o'clock this morning walking down the street," Sapp says.

With a helicoptor, crime dogs, and several law enforcement agencies on the scene, Williams couldn't hide.

"He didn't have much of a chance, we had him pretty much surrounded," Sapp says.

And neighbors are relieved.

"Well I'm glad because all morning, my stomach has been in knots," Kirksey says.

The victim, 18 year old Jontavious Seay was taken to Phoebe Putney last night where he died. At this time, officers are interviewing neighbors and other victims to get a better idea of why the two men were arguing in the first place.

Allen Williams was released early from prison this year on parole. His previous run-ins with the law include drug possession, robbery, trespassing, and ostruction of an officer.

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