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Here they grow again!

August 16, 2006

Albany --   They say that nothing succeeds like success, and a former rock band leader redefines success with Life Christian Center International Church, which has it's gotten so big they've had to move.

Stan Glass is the pastor of Life Christian Center International church and says it's gotten so big within the past five months that they've had to upgrade to a much bigger sanctuary.     He says his ministry not only reaches people in Albany, but also worldwide.    

A man like Stan Glass must dream big. That's why his 11-year-old ministry has outgrown several different locations in Albany. "We started this church back in November of 1995. We were renting a little space on the corner of Slappey Drive, Slappey and Seventh, Mac George motors now. It started with just me and my wife and my son," said Glass.

That small start has multiplied to a more than 600 member church. And it's landed them in a 2,000 seat sanctuary on Stuart Avenue. "Apart from God I can't do anything but make a mess," said Glass.

Glass is a high school drop out and musician, who says God is the only reason why his ministry reaches so many. "I would have continued going from honky tonk to honky tonk singing 'Louie Louie,' but God got involved in my life and changed everything."

Glass purchased the new sanctuary recently and is getting it ready for the first service. He hopes the bigger space will allow him to reach out to more people. "I would like to be out of room in about six months, that's what I would like."

As the ministry grows, the empty seats at Life Christian Center International shouldn't be too hard to fill.   The church on Stuart Avenue was formerly home of the First Assembly of God.

Life Christian Center International has it's first Wednesday night meeting tonight, and first Sunday service this weekend.



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