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Investigators spot at least one ghost

August 16, 2006

Americus - - It's official. Employees and guests aren't the only ones seeing ghosts at the Windsor Hotel in Americus. Over the weekend, the Big Bend Ghost Trackers investigated the hotel. 

They came with gadgets and sophisticated devices. 

"I showed them several different parts of the hotel. I took them to the basement where we have an unfinished area of the hotel so they could check. They checked mainly the temperature," says Christiane Grune.

Sudden changes in tempature, they said, are signs ghosts are in the midst.

"They put infarerd cameras and they saw some little orbs skipping in the cameras," Grune says.

After heavy investigation, they confirmed at least one ghost. No, not the little girl that runs down the 3rd floor laughing. They found the ghost of an old bellman who worked here about 40 years before he died.

"They said that they saw it. They saw his ghost, his silouhette on the 3rd floor and that's something new because we had never heard anyone say they saw Floyd Lowery," Grune says.

In fact, the hotel named its pub in Floyd's honor. James Dalton who comes here everyday for lunch remembers the guy.

"I knew Floyd well. He was a big tall black guy. He'll meet you and he'll repeat your name and he'll say Hello Mr. Dalton. I suspect he is still here," Dalton says.

Visitors at the Windsor don't seem to mind his spirt may still linger here.

"Not at all. We all have spirits and your spirit doesn't die when your body dies," one visitor told us.

"It's probably people that love the Windsor that have worked here before such as the housekeeper and Floyd and they just don't want to leave because they love this place," Grune says.

And they're still in control.

"I'm glad theyre friendly. No evil spirits here."

Windsor staff say since the Big Bend Ghost Trackers came, another group called the Paranormal Investigators of North Georgia have also requested to come investigate the hotel.


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