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PAYS program will help soldiers

August 16, 2006

Dougherty County -- A new U. S. Army program is hooking up enlisting soldiers with corporations and businesses, who may have jobs for them when they return to civilian life.

One Albany trucking company says it welcomes the chance to hire qualified military veterans.  Southern Ag Carriers in Albany signs an agreement to join the Army PAYS program. 

PAYS stands for Partnerships for Youth Success.  Southern Ag is telling the Army they will gladly interview qualified soldiers for jobs when they leave the military. "I feel we have an obligation to the men and women serving our country, keeping us free," said Southern Ag Driver Personnel Manager Carroll Harper.

The PAYS program was started four years ago, and now 175 corporations across America have joined. It's not a guarantee of a job, but the company agrees to give priority consideration to PAYS soldiers.

"Giving kids incentives to join the Army, and at the same time when they return home it helps the community and provides quality individuals with leadership experience," said Captain Brian Kadet.

CDL Truck drivers are in demand, and Southern Ag says Army trained drivers would get be welcomed for an interview. 

An enlisting recruit signing up with the PAYS program is given a chance to partner with an employer, and know their Army training gives them a leg up on a future job. "They are a step ahead, absolutely. They have good work ethics, and they have been well trained," Harper said.

Southern Ag is one of the first businesses with less than 500 employees to be allowed to join the Army's PAYS program, but an exception was granted because of their employment opportunities. 

The Army says the PAYS program has partnered with many top corporations and law enforcement agencies, eager to hire their soldiers when they leave the military.


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