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Radium Country Club is closed

August 16, 2006

Radium Springs  --    The owner says he is seeking partners to help him reopen the historic facility.  The Radium Country Club was home to South Georgia's first 18-hole golf course with grass greens.  It was built along the banks of the Flint River, and opened for play in 1928.  

But now the historic course is closed, and the owner is not sure about it's future. Radium Country Club owner Darrel Ealum looks over his more than 200-acre golf course, which for decades was one of the most celebrated in South Georgia, but today there are no golfers.  

"Financially it just became a tremendous burden to us," Ealum said. Ealum closed the golf course two weeks ago.  In the last few months only a few hard core members played there.  The course is overgrown. About 30 trees lie around the course, ripped out of the ground by recent storms.

Ealum says he loves this golf course, and hates to shut it down, but they were paying over ten thousand dollars a month in upkeep. "It just comes a time you have to make that difficult and emotional decision that you have got to stop and move on."

The Radium Golf Course runs along the Flint River, providing some of the most beautiful landscapes in South Georgia. But the river also is one of the course's biggest problems.  Ealum had to shut down the course for nine months last year because of flooding, and never really came back from it.

Now Ealum is looking for help to get his course back open.  He would stay on as a partner, or maybe sell if the right offer comes, but he wants to get the course open again. "I still haven't given up, I really haven't given up. I hoping maybe somebody can come in and take over."  

Dougherty County officials announced Monday they hope to buy 55 acres of Ealum's river front property for a green space project. Ealum says that is not part of the golf course.  

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