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Thomas County construction through roof

August 16, 2006

Thomas County-  Thomas County is going construction crazy. New home construction is more than ten times what it's been in the last four years. County Commissioners are now trying to guide that construction into areas with the infrastructure to handle the growing market.

When the year long moratorium on building ended in May, Thomas County construction still had a good foundation.  A significant jump this year as sent new home construction through the roof.

"Our housing market has just boomed, I think by the end of the year we probably will have some 3,850 or 3,900 lots that are available to be built on," said Commissioner Elaine Mays, Community Improvement.

"Most of it is multi-family, not single family," said Johnny Reichert, Planning and Building Inspector.

With the construction explosion, Commissioners are keeping a close eye on subdivisions like this. They want to make sure they're going in where infrastructure is available.

"If the infrastructure is not there, it presents a bigger problem for us as commissioners," said Mays.

They've designated an urban service district, a three mile radius outside the city limits where utilities are available, but roads will need repairs.

"Perhaps some of them may have to be four lanes, some of them will have to be improved with safety, deceleration, acceleration, lanes from these developments," said Reichert.

Cost will likely be passed on to developers. Not everyone may like the new growth.

"Some people may not like growth, but we can grow, and we can accommodate more people in Thomas County," said Reichert. 

So like it or not, the county's construction show now signs of slowing. 

Commissioners are still considering plans for the Wexford Place a proposed 903 unit complex that could house as many as 2,000 and would be constructed in the Urban Service District.



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