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Dorms at ASU aren't ready

August 16, 2006

Albany -- More than 250 Albany State University students who should be staying in new dorm rooms tonight are displaced. Two new dorms set to be finished in July are still under construction.

Cristina Harper isn't a new girl on campus, she's a student who knows what she wants. And what she wants is to stay in a dorm room she paid for.

"Being that I paid an X-amount of money to stay there, but I'm not staying there so hopefuly I'll get some money back," said Cristina Harper.

Harper would be one of the hundreds of students living at a brand apartment suite on ASU's campus this year. But slow progress of the construction team means some students don't have a place of their own to start the school year.

"If they knew they weren't going to be finished they should have at least warned some of the students," said Brittany Johnson.

HJ Construction Company of Atlanta promised school officials that four new housing projects would be completed for students this semester. Two of the four aren't ready yet, so the school had to move on with a second plan.

"That contingency plan included putting students on campus as a first priority, and as a second option put students in temporary housing in the Regency Inn," said ASU Vice President Dr. Timothy Knowles.

That's why some students like Cristina Harper call a living room their new home.

"My little half a table to the wall, that's where my area is," said Harper.

It's a cramped space and may not be the best for studying, but she says she won't sweat the small stuff.

"I love the school Albany State University and it's a good school to go to for the education being that it's SBCU, even though they have the minor problem everything is still good, they still look out for your best interest," said Harper.

What these students are interested in is getting that education, and minor inconveniences won't stop that.

Today was the first day of class here on campus. School officials say everything else went smoothly.

Once these two dorms are finished, they'll have room for almost 400 students. The work should wrap up in about a week.

The university reserved rooms at the Regency Inn. ASU shuttle buses carry students between the hotel and campus, but just a little more than two dozen students are there tonight.

The others are temporarily doubling up in other dorm rooms.



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