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Lee boards meet to set tax millage rates

 August 14, 2006

Leesburg --  Lee County property owners will get a much clearer picture Monday night about how much their tax bills will be next year.

The Lee County Commission and the School Board are meeting now to set their millage rates.

 Lee is the fastest growing county in Southwest Georgia, and it recently re-evaluated properties county-wide. Because of the sharp rise of those values,County Commissioners proposed lowering the millage rate.

Lee County Tax Commissioner Betty Johnson says time is critical for Commissioners to get the tax digest set. It was due August First, and the state denied an extension.

Now the county is losing the collection fees from the state. Tax Commissioner Betty Johnson said "It's not a whole lot of money. It's two or three thousand dollars. But still the way we need money, every little bit counts."

By Monday night we will know what commissioners and board members decided and how that will affect taxpayers.  

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