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Passengers pack around new restrictions

August 14, 2006

Valdosta - Airport restrictions and security have eased since last Thursday.  But passengers planning to fly are still taking extra precautions to avoid having their belongings thrown away.

As a frequent traveler, Al Mullins never checks his bag.  "I haven't checked a bag in two and a half years," he says.

That is until now.  After Thursday's terrorist threat, Mullins had to rethink the way he packs, and check a bag.  "I actually split my clothes into one bag so I wouldn't get lost, then put my toothpaste and all the other stuff in another bag. I figure I could replace it if I had to," Mullins added.

And he's not alone.  "I don't pack different but I no longer carry on my suitcase. Now I check my suitcase otherwise I'll have to buy new supplies when I get there," said airline passenger Michael Swank.

Although these passengers believe the restrictions are necessary, they can't deny the inconvenience it has caused.  Jay Murphy said, "They took anything liquid or gel from toothpaste to shampoo, shaving cream, chap stick, sunscreen. They took all that and now I'm going back and don't have any of that."

Until these restrictions have changed, Mullins offers some advice to fellow passengers and people getting ready to fly.  "Make sure you read the restrictions so you don't take extra time going through security. It saves time for other people too."

Homeland Security said travelers should get used to these new restrictions and heightened security at airports across the country.

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