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Albany mall adds two new stores

August 12, 2006

Albany - - The Albany Mall is the largest retail shopping center in Southwest Georgia, attracting people from several counties every day. As it celebrates its 30th anniversary this month, it also celebrates the addition of two new stores for shoppers.

The shopping mall is often a weekend hang out spot for Southwest Georgians. You have access to food, shopping, and socializing. People visiting the mall today, saw two new stores, each with a different twist.

"You can go from the office and you can go straight out at night and you can go from the office to church or bible study, whichever," says Audrey Jones of Ashley Stewart. Ashley Stewart is a plus size women's store, catering to sizes 14 to 26.

People glanced through the new clothes and accessories as the store celebrated its grand opening today.

"People were looking for us becasue they were going to Tallahassee, which is another new store and they were traveling to Macon and I understand when the sign went up, the response was great," Jones says.

Man Alive also opened its doors. It's an urban store and don't be fooled by it's name, it caters to men and women looking for uptempo, contemporary clothing.

"This is something new, something exciting, something fresh, youre going to see all the newest styles, all the hottest styles," says Lakia Ashley.

Shoppers seem to welcome the latest additions.

"I think that the new stores will bring a lot of people in to the mall, shopping areas and things," says Shopper Yetta Weston.

"People will talk about the stores and more people will come to the mall. A lot of young people like fashion to show off and stuff and wear in school," says Ariel Key.

Two more reasons the local hang out spot may continue to be a little crowded on the weekends.

Consumers spend two Billion dollars at retail stores in Dougherty County every year... much of it at the Albany Mall. Economic developers say the mall helps Albany remain the capital of southwest Georgia.


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