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Freshman excited to start college

August 12, 2006

Americus -- College students statewide are getting ready to hit the books for the fall semester.

Today was move-in day at Georgia Southwestern State University.

It will be 19-year-old Robert Brannan's very first time living away from home.

"Memories and concert tickets and all my friends over the past 4 to 16 years," said Robert Brannan.

While he holds close to what's familiar, there's a lot he's looking forward to away from home.

"Just being on my own and just meeting new people, hopefully making some new friends," said freshman Robert Brannan.

About 400 freshman are moving into newly built dorms at Georgia Southwestern State University today. Families helped out with the transition.

Eighteen-year-old Ambria Ridley says she can't wait for what the year will bring.

"Just all the excitment of moving in and meeting my roommate and some of my classmates and everything and just getting the whole college experience," said freshman Ambria Ridley.

Robert Brannan says he's thankful for the tools and support he has to make his college career a good one.

"I'm still on the payroll so as long as I don't get a tatoo I think I'll still stay," said Robert Brannan.

Piecing together his son's future is a defining moment for father Bill Brannan.

"Imagining him overnight becoming a man, basically that's what it is because he's going to be all on his own, and making decisions, and hopefully making those right decisions," said father Bill Brannan.

A big decision many of these freshman carried is whether or not to start four years of college. For the freshman move-in day is one they won't forget.

Campus housing at GSW is near full capacity, more than 700 students will live on campus this year. The Fall semester starts August 15th.



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