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Windsor Hotel may be haunted

August 11, 2006

Americus - - An Americus landmark hotel is under investigation by an unusual group. Professional paranormal researchers are visiting The Historic Windsor Hotel this weekend. They're looking into rumors that ghosts live there.

A room at the Windsor Hotel starts at $100 a night. It's elegant chandeliers and exquisite balconies make you feel at ease as soon as you enter the lobby. But when the lights go out, things start to heat up a bit.

Some people are spooked by their own reflection. But one hotel manager says it's no laughing matter, she's experienced this for herself.

"I wouldn't stay at night at the hotel by myself. I don't think you can pay me to stay in the dining room alone at night by myself," says Dining Room manager Ida Robinson. 

She has seen on far too many ocassions....pots and pans moving by themselves, strange noises, and unwelcomed visitors.

"One night I came up to do a room service and I was entering down the hall with my tray and I was walking minding my own business and there was somebody that hopped by me and kept running. I said oh my God," she recalls.

It's rumored to be the ghost of a little girl....the daughter of a former housekeeper. There are other reported spirits that creep through the halls here. They have access to private stairwells. Guests check in at their own risk.

"Some of them come here just to stay here. They asked to be put in the 3rd floor because that's where the ghost walks around, the little girl," says Christiane Grune with the hotel's Public Relations department.

Depending on the little girl's mood, you may be able to check-out the same way you checked-in.

"They know nothing's going to happen, nothing bad. They're just friendly ghosts."

That's until they decide to turn off the lights.

The Big Bend Ghost Trackers will spend the night at the Windsor Sunday to investigate the bedrooms, basement, and spooky hallways to determine if it should be classified as a haunted hotel.


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