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Higher gas prices mean school bus riders

August 11, 2006

Sylvester -- The high price of gas has some South Georgians looking for ways to cut back on driving. More students are riding school buses in some larger counties.

In Worth County, for example, about 150 more students are riding the buses to and from school.

The Transportation Director says he believes more parents are putting their children on the bus to save gas, and he thinks that number will grow if gas prices increase. Transportation Director Darrell Watson said " We got a lot of the kids down there at the high school now riding in pick up trucks, and so the mileage is not going to be as good. And so, yes, I think we'll see a lot more kids riding the bus."

Worth County has 60 school buses that transport more than three thousand students a week. They travel 2800 miles per day.  

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