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Air passengers arrive home finally

August 11, 2006

Dougherty County -- It's the second day of extra security after authorities foiled a terror plot in London. Passengers at some of the nation's busiest airports are taking stricter security checks in stride Friday.

A number of passengers who were stuck in airports overnight because of Thursday's air security upgrade finally arrived at Southwest Georgia Regional in Albany Friday.

Bill Satterfield finally arrived in Albany's airport this morning, 24 hours late. Satterfield said "I missed three flights last night. Three consecutive flights were either canceled or delayed. "

Coming home from Virginia Thursday took an extra day because of the terror threat in Great Britain. Satterfield said "I was lucky enough, I knew someone in Atlanta that came to the airport and picked me up and brought me back this morning."

Satterfield said hundreds of people spent the night in the Atlanta terminal, trying to get home. Satterfield said "There were people asleep leaning against the wall. Families, children asleep. Mothers trying to find formula for their babies, and that sort of thing."

But air officials say things are running much smoother,  as people get used to the new regulations. Still the trash can next to the security checkpoint at Albany's airport Friday had several bottles of lotion, nose spray, and creams people had to throw away. Airport Director Yvette Aehle said "I think everything's getting back to normal. We are just going to have to deal with a new reality nowadays."

 Bill Bowles was flying out for Vermont, but said he wasn't worried. Bowles said "I hope it's better today than yesterday. I know I changed the way that I packed my luggage. And I hope that it's correct."

ASA canceled Thursday afternoon's 5:45 flight because they could not get a jet out of Atlanta. Most of those people flew out Friday morning, trying again to reach their destinations.

Security checkpoint lines moved very smoothly again Friday at the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport, and the flights went off on time.


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