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Thieves targeting cars in Albany

August 11, 2006

Albany -- Thieves are targeting more people's cars in Albany in recent weeks, stealing items from inside them.

Police say most of the victim's left their car unlocked, making them easy targets.

 Albany Police report there were 17 reported entering auto thefts two weeks, and 18 last week. There were four more reports of thefts out of cars Thursday. Investigators say more than three fourths of those cars were unlocked. Lt. Kenn Singleton of the Albany Police said "They need to make sure they are not leaving items in plain view in their vehicles. They need to make sure their vehicles are secure, it they have garages put them in there. "

Police say a majority of these entering car thefts were in residential areas, usually in front of the victim's home.

Items that are stolen the most are electronics, like phones or Ipods or CD's, or money.  


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