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Freshman orientation is exciting for students

August 10, 2006

Albany -- Albany State University has opened its doors to this year's incoming freshman, even though class doesn't start until Tuesday. Students say orientation is an important part of their college experience.

Eighteen-year-old Andrinna Butler is from Atlanta, but she isn't finding it hard to call this tiny space her new home.

"It's cute, these are some of my items," said Adrinna Butler.

She's all moved into her dorm room at ASU, and all geared up for a successful freshman year.

"Some of my school supplies that I have already folders, paper, envelopes," said Adrinna Butler.

It's orientation time at the university, and that's why many new students are at school a week before classes start.

More than 700 new freshman are enrolled to start classes here later this month, many of which have never lived away from home. Orientation is meant to make the transition easier.

"It will allow them to get a jump start a head start on their collegiate career. Students are able to negotiate the environment with all of the distractions," said New Student Orientation Director Dr. Stephanie Jolly.

Students say they're happy to have several days before school starts to get used to the campus.

"I thought it was going to be hard, but when I got here I started meeting people everyday," said freshman AJ Jenkins.

"From high school to college is a big step to adulthood, so you have to be more on your own," said freshman Amos Ealy.

For Adrinna, college is an adjustment she's ready for. Orientation has given her a chance to meet new friends, and learn what she needs to do to make it the next four years.

"Up here I have this is my inspiration cause I need another diploma," said Butler.

Orientation for new students includes workshops, celebrations, and upperclassmen role models. The students learn about many issues facing college students today, that includes drugs, sex, and money management.

The number one goal is to get these students through the next four years with a degree and get them into the workforce.

More than 700 new students are expected to enroll for classes this fall at ASU, that's the largest freshman class in the school's history. Move-in day for most students is the 13th and 14th, and classes begin the following day.



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