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ASU wants light for new entrance

August 10, 2006

Albany -- ASU is building a new campus entrance on Radium Springs Road, but it could end up being a danger zone.

The university planned to put up a traffic light at this new larger entrance, but they never got approval of the DOT. Stoplights must be 1000-feet apart on state highways.

The new entrance is too close to the now-closed old entrance at Radium Springs Road and Sands Drive where there is already a light."This is the new entrance coming off of Radium Springs road, what my concerns are if you look around you see cars going in speeds of 60 to 65 miles per hour, we are going to have chaos if we don't get this traffic light," said facilities director James Oliver.

ASU hopes city leaders will help them get the DOT's permission to put up the light.