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Lee County panel votes sell Grand Island

August 10, 2006

Lee County -- A community group wants Lee County to get rid of the Grand Island Golf Course.

The Lee County Commission formed a panel to study the course and make recommendations on what to do with it.

Critics say it's a drain on tax money.

Six members of the panel voted to sell Grand Island while two voted to keep it as is. No one on the panel would talk to us about their vote, but one Lee Countian at tonight's meeting says they made a bad decision.

"I think that with raising the green fees like they have, raising the dues 7%, doing something with the swimming pool, even if they have to close the swimming pool to save 35-thousand dollars a year, I believe they can pick up 150 to 175-thousand dollars year, and that's just my opinion," said Lee County citizen Ed Duffy.

The panel reviewed Grand Island's history and financial statements over the past few weeks before making their decision.

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