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Nurse practitioners want prescriptive authority

August 10, 2006

Albany -- A new law to allow nurse practicioners in Georgia to write prescriptions is taking longer than expected to go into effect.

Georgia is the last state in the country to give that power to nurse practitioners. The General Assembly passed the bill earlier this year, and the law was set to go into effect July 1st.

But the state medical board must amend its rules before nurse practitioners get the go-ahead.

"This must be 12-15 pages of amendments they are going to offer when the Board of Medicine meets next month," said Pat Stowe.

"Georgia is behind, it's time that everyone gets together and recognizes how knowledgeable nurse practitioners are and how important they are to serve as primary health care providers," said Natalie Bryant.

Each practicioner must also wait for a federal DEA number which allows them to write narcotics prescriptions, and that can take three to six months.



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