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Special Fall Games need help

August 10, 2006

Albany -- The fall Special Olympics are approaching and organizers need your help. The games will take place October 6th through 8th in Albany and organizers are short thousands of dollars and about one thousand volunteers.

Director Kristin Caso is asking for the community to reach out to the athletes who benefit from the games.   "There is absolutely no doubt about it, there have been all sorts of studies done," said Caso.  "The people who participate in special Olympics have better socialization skills, they're able to keep jobs better and it brightens their entire life."

"I think it's good," says Global Ambassador Mary Cox.  "It helps build character, courage and determination." In addition to being a global ambassador, Mary Cox is one of those determined athletes.  She'll be competing in Bocce, and has been practicing.  She plans to take home a trophy this year.

If you would like to volunteer, or donate to the Special Olympics, download a form on the city of Albany website at www.albany.ga.us  or www.specialolympicsga.org .

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