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Building bashed by stolen state truck

August 10, 2006

Albany -- An East Albany business spent the day cleaning up after someone stole a dump truck and crashed it through their wall to burglarize them, but ended up with nothing.  

Workers spent the day rebuilding the west wall of the Albany Music and Pawn on East Broad Avenue.

Early this morning someone stole this dump truck from the Georgia Department of Transportation shop on Newton Road. About 2:30AM they drove the dump truck through the wall of the pawn shop.

Inside, they smashed a number of display cases, a large refrigerator unit, and a couple of riding lawnmowers, and pushed them up against the door to the pawn shop. So the thief could not get through, and nothing was stolen.

Building owner Cathy Walsh said she could not believe someone did this to her store. The dump truck was found abandoned a couple of blocks away on Frost Street. No one has been arrested.

Walsh said the thief caused thousands of dollars worth of damage, between the wall repair and the damaged merchandise. She thinks the state should help pay for some of that damage, because it was their truck.

By the way that dump truck, driven right through a wall, hardly a scratch on it.



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