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South Georgia students study from home

August 10, 2006

Valdosta -  When Adrianne Parker was 10 years old she came home from school to find her life would soon change.  "One day I came home from school and my mom said, what do you think about coming home and being at school at home? I though it sounds pretty interesting," sixteen year-old Adrianne said.

She hasn't looked back since.  "I wouldn't go back to public school now. I've loved it the past several years!" she exclaimed.

Adrianne is one of about a thousand kids who are home schooled in South Georgia.  They must study 4 and a half hours a day and take at least 5 courses.  "But in a typical week my kids will study 13 subjects. So even though there's a base of five that's state law, home schoolers are at liberty to teach anything from French to Latin to PE classes to karate,"  said Home Educator Renee Parker.

The reasons people home school are as varied as the home school programs themselves.  But anyone on any budget can get involved.  "You can find something that fits in your budget. You really can find a curriculum that will work for your family, for your children's learning style, for you teaching style and for your budget. It's all possible," Renee added.

Adrianne says home schooling hasn't affected her socially. If anything, she's become more social from it.  And she already has colleges knocking at her door.  "Being home schooled doesn't kick you out of going to colleges, colleges look for you because you are home schooled. I've had colleges trying to get me to go visit since 7th or 8th grade because they found out I was home schooled," Adrianne says.

Now she's beginning another year of studies to help her reach her dream of being speech writer for the President of the United States.

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