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Dog fighter ordered to pay for care

August 10, 2006

Thomas County-  Dog fighting has long been a problem in Thomas County. Now a recent ruling hopes to deter others, showing them that cruel crime doesn't pay. A Thomas County man arrested on animal cruelty charges last year was ordered this week to pay the Human Society nearly $20,000 to care for his animals.

For the last year the Thomasville-Thomas County Humane Society has had to pay board and overtime pay for workers who cared for Dexter Young's 11 dogs. Now they're getting their money back.

"This is a first for us, this is a first for us, we are just thrilled that the judge ordered him," said Carol Jones, Executive Director, Thomasville-Thomas County Humane Society.

Dexter Young was charged with one count of Aggravated Cruelty to Animals for fighting his Rottweilers and Pit bulls. This week a judge ordered him to repay $18,700 for their care. He also received three years probation, a punishment the Humane Society deems not tough enough compared to the dog's sentence.

"No, not hardly, the people should have to do hard time as far as we're concerned," said Jones.

The cages where the Humane Society kept Young's 11 dogs are now empty, the dogs were put down this week.

"They had to be destroyed, because of the training that they were given, I mean no one could trust them, even though hey were sweet dogs," said Jones.

Jones hopes the probation and fines Young was ordered to pay serves as a lesson to others.

"I hope we don't have future problems, but I mean, I know we will," said Jones.

She hopes it makes others think twice before fighting their dogs.

Ricardo Mitchell and Larry Hansell also faced misdemeanors charges at the same time Dexter Young was charged. Both only paid minimal fines.



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