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Theatre Albany set to open new show

August 9, 2006

Albany -- For nearly 75-years, volunteer actors have entertained people in Albany. Performing with Theatre Albany can be hard work, but it's something most of members of the community theater wouldn't trade for anything.

Each time Doug Lorber takes the stage, he says it's like walking in someone else's shoes.

"I had to play someone who was a little French man so I had to speak with that type of dialect there, so it's just lots of fun I really enjoy it," said Doug Lorber.

It's a passion he's had from a young age.

"There's a lot of girls in the theatre when I was in college, alterior motives of course," said Doug Lorber.

But the one girl he chose, he was married to, right here within the walls of Theatre Albany.

For 24 years Lorber performed for many different crowds, to give them the experience of what the theatre is all about.

Since 1932 people have come to Theatre Albany, bought tickets from the box office, and enjoyed an experience that only live entertainment can bring.

"This is a live experience, you get to be there with an audience, and there's nothing like a group of people sitting in a crowd, laughing at a great show," said Mark Costello.

"The last show or two shows ago was Lost in Yonkers and I played Uncle Louie, so he was talking like this 'Hey you get over here' so I kinda felt like I was in the Sopranos, hehehe."

For the long time actor, life on stage is full of memorable moments, and he says there are many more to come.

"I do one to three shows a year here, my wife goes, slow down, one not two not three, one," said Doug Lorber.

Lorber says he'd be out of his mind to slow down now, and he hopes those who fill these seats enjoy the shows, as he does on stage.

The latest production opens Friday. "Run for your Wife" is about a British man who has a hard time telling others the truth.

For information on this season's showtimes visit Admission is $15 for adults. Senior citizens, students and those on active duty is $12.

There are also season ticket deals available at the box office on sale before shows and during intermission.



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