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Baker Countians clean up

August 9, 2006

Baker County -- It was a long day of cleanup in Baker County after a frightening storm. "It was scary. I was shaking and trembling. God definitely had a hand in it," said Patty Dowdy.

She was just driving up to her house in the Anna community when the storm hit. Patty--"As I pulled under the carport, a tree fell across the back of the trailer and hit the lawn mower and debris was flying under the carport."

She rushed to safety, and as quickly as the storm arrived, it disappeared. "I just ran inside and ran to the kitchen and looked out the window and it was all over in 30 seconds. All the trees were down and it was over," Dowdy said.

The storm snapped or uprooted dozens of trees in the Dowdy's yard. One crushed their truck. Neighbors and workers from nearby farms put their own work aside today to help clean up the mess. "We are blessed with wonderful friends and neighbors. Just can't thank them enough," Dowdy said.

The wind blew away a neighbor's patio and carport and a mobile home down the street sustained minor damage. But amazingly, with so many trees down, none of the homes took a direct hit and no one was hurt.

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