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Americus weathers powerful storm

August 9, 2006

Americus --  It didn't take long to do a lot of damage. Powerful thunderstorms ripped up trees in Sumter County and knocked them onto houses.

Today was cleanup day. 

"We saw it come across." Kelly Newcomb and her fourteen year old daughter were looking out the window when the storm hit. "I shoved her into our utility room and the back door was rattling and all the trees came down. It happened in 30 seconds and that was it. It was gone."

Gone, but not to be forgotten. Trees were down everywhere, some on homes. One is still threatening to fall through Herschel Morris' house. "Tied it off to where maybe it wouldn't fall and he's going to come back and get it down."

And other crews are busy getting trees down off of houses where they landed. Johnny Hopkins is cleaning up for a friend who's out of town. A tree just missed doing major damage to the home, but if more rough weather hits, things could get even worse.

"I'm hoping that it doesn't do anymore damage," Hopkins said. "I'm hoping it doesn't blow anymore trees over, 'cause some of the people in the neighborhood got more damage than we did so it's pretty bad for some of the people."  

"The ground is already saturated and the trees are real soft," Morris said.   But here's the silver lining from all those gray clouds. "We all met in the center of the road and said we were thankful nothing happened to any of us," Morris said.

Everyone who lives on Lake Jennifer Drive made it through the storm without harm.  

Power has now been restored to all of the 1,000 Sumter EMC customers who lost power last night.



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