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Lee commissioners put hold on building ordinance

August 8, 2006

Lee County-- After complaints from developers and homebuilders, Lee County commissioners voted to hold off on an ordinance that just went into effect this month.

In May, Lee County commissioners approved an ordinance that placed restrictions on the way houses can be built in the county. Houses would have to meet elevation requirements to prevent flooding problems.

The homes would have to be built 2 feet above the center line of the road. But developers and homebuilders say the ordinance wasn't well thought out and makes it nearly impossible for them to apply the restrictions in every area.

"With that ordinance they were asking us to come back and put fill dirt all the way around our houses, slope it off 25 feet in all directions. It was just impossible for us to do," says Southwest Georgia Homebuilders Association President Chad McDonald.

"It was my recommendation to ask for a moratorium just to allow us another opportunity to see if this is the right thing or if it wasn't the right legislation for the county," says County Administrator Alan Ours.  

A moratorium on the ordinance will now be in effect for 120 days. This will allow the county to see what other options there are to deal with flooding. County leaders will receive a report in 60 days with possible solutions.

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