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Gas prices affect local charities

August 7, 2006

Albany-- High gas prices are also hurting charities. That pinch could just get worse now that BP announced it's shutting down the nation's biggest oil field for repairs.

The Southwest Georgia Therapeutic Riding Center gives horse rides to special needs children and adults. They've seen a price increase in everything from hay to feed.

Last year, they paid about $35 for a bail of hay that now costs up to $50. The cost of feed for the horses is also up about 25 percent. That forced the charity to pull back the reigns on services.

"We started seeing that things were really increasing with the war and the gas prices and diesel prices going up, so we decided to downsize extreme amounts. We went from 18 horses and we're down to nine now," says Center director Tara Okon.  

Gas prices have also affected the number of volunteers at the center. Many can no longer afford to drive to the center. Volunteers decreased from more than 20, down to 10.



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