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Heat forcing seniors indoors

August 7, 2006

Albany -- Many South Georgia senior citizens say they want to stay active, but the heat makes it too dangerous for them to go outside.  

Sevena Bond has to skip her favorite activity. Sevena Bond said "Fishing. It's too hot." That heat has made most seniors stay indoors. Lois Whitcazk said "I'm a heart patient, and this heat has really got to me."

These ladies want to continue staying active, walking and riding bikes, but now they are doing it indoors, because it's just too hot. Bond said "It is murder out there. That heat is something."

They're keeping a close eye on their friends, too. Chappell said "We're all in our 70's and 80's, and it's hard for old people. I don't know how the ones without air or fans, how they are getting along."

 Dougherty County Coroner Emma Quimbley is asking South Georgians to stay in touch with the elderly during these extremely hot times. Quimbley said "If there are some elderly people in the neighborhood or you have elderly relatives, do welfare checks on them."

Quimbley says some Seniors can be confused by heat stress, and think they are having a heart attack or respiratory problems. Brutal temperatures are nothing to play with.

Bond said laughing,  "it is a problem. See me sweating here." They urge everyone to pay special attention to the safety of others during these sweltering dog days of summer.

Dougherty County E.M.S. Director Bobby Tripp says they have made only one heat related call so far in August.  Tripp thinks better education and community efforts are the reason there are not more heat stress cases.

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