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Children learn from public safety officials

August 5, 2006

Albany -- Young people in Albany learn why it's so important to stay out of trouble and live their lives on the right paths.

It's day two of the Solace program citywide sleepover. School-aged children from throughout South Georgia met in Albany for 24 hours of fun, filled with a positive message.

One was of encouragement for a good and trouble-free school year. Some of the young people got to hear from Dougherty County jailers about what it's like behind bars, living in a cell.

"I'm glad that they came in. You got a better feel for how jail is, makes you really not want to go," said Nile Yearby.

"You can be positive. You can put God first. I love my church, this is what we're about we're about making a positive image for out people, for our young people," said Kristen Kinder.

Some of the younger children got fingerprints made and heard about fire safety from Albany firefighters.



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