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Family swelters in legal limbo

August 4, 2006

Coffee County -- A family remains without power to their new home, because of a civil suit they are not even involved in.  

Sheryl Carver, recently moved a mobile home to her property only to find out she can't get power.

Satilla EMC was in the process of cutting trees along Austin Emory Road to get her power, when the neighboring property owner filed suit against the power provider for cutting the trees without first getting her OK.

Now due to the unsettled suit, Carver, her daughter, and two grand-children remain in the dark-- and heat.

"We need power, we have paid for it, they told me they could not do it, because they could not go back on that right of way," said Sheryl Carver. "They said they could not run the right of way, but I said 'You have already run the right of way. You have already done it. The trees are not going to grow back, because you put me power back here.' The damage is done, the lawsuit has started."

Carver and her family are using generator power to a small travel trailer, and water brought by friends to get by until the matter is resolved.    


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