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Energy efficient appliances also go tax-free

August 4, 2006

Albany --  Teachers and students are taking full advantage of the tax free weekend that started Thursday, but others may also be interested in going out and taking care of some shopping.  

And school supplies and clothes aren't the only things you can save money on this weekend. Need a new washing machine? How about a refrigerator?

This is the weekend to buy energy star qualified appliances, tax-free.    

It's hot, and your utility bill probably reflects the AC working overtime to keep your house cool, but here's a way to lower your bills, use energy efficient appliances and items in your home. 

Governor Perdue says, "We believe public policy ought to lead public behavior, and we want people to utilize energy efficient appliances, as well as making their homes more energy efficient for conservation."

And the Governor says he's making it one step easier for you. "There's another additional twist this year, it's also energy efficient tax free holiday."

Dishwashers, clothes washers, and refrigerators, are just some of the items that are exempt from the sales tax this weekend if they are energy star rated and under $1,500.

"You can save the state and local sales tax, so you can save 7%, so if you were to buy a $1,500 refrigerator, you can save $105 in sales tax," said Chuck Knight, owner of Knight's Appliances. 

"We also have a role in conservation as well. All of us doing our part in reducing our usage and that's why we try to have public policy that helps us make good decisions and that's what the energy part of the tax-free holiday is about," Perdue said.

But if you want to avoid taxes, you'll have to hurry, the tax free weekend ends at midnight Sunday. Only Energy star appliances that cost less than $1,500 qualify for the tax exemption.



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