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Teachers get more with $100 gift cards?

August 4, 2006

Thomasville-  Putting together a classroom isn't cheap. This year Georgia teachers got help from the state with $100 dollar gift cards. Teachers must use those cards during this weekend's tax free holiday. We went shopping with a teacher to see how far that 100 dollars goes.

Classes at Garrison Pilcher Elementary start Monday. First grade teacher Lisa Moore needs to put the final touches on her classroom. This year, Moore has $100 to help.

"It just takes more than paper and pencils and crayons and scissors to teach," said Lisa Moore, a Thomas County Teacher.

Armed with the state's gift card, after checking the deals at Office Depot she was ready.

"Okay, this looks like a good isle," said Moore.

Lisa's searching for items that can be used over and over.

"This would be good, see you can use a dry erase marker so they can practice and erase it as well," said Moore.

Items that are the best deal to stretch the 100 dollars.

"Look at the difference in the price, I can get the same thing, two dollars cheaper," said Moore.

Finding exactly what's needed isn't always easy.

"You know I think I am out of luck on the kind of board I wanted," said Moore.

Limited resources make the choices tough.

"I think I'm going to wait on this, I might find some really good games or something, and then I'd fell bad that I bought a cart instead of a game," said Moore.

One Hundred dollars may not go as far as you think.

"You see I got very little here and there's almost ten dollars here. If I didn't have the card, I would have paid tax too," said Moore.

Ten dollars down, at Shapes and More the hunt continues.

"I need help, um, I need a large die cut, star," said Moore.

More supplies, Lisa survey's the damage, about $40.

"I only spent about 10 at Office Depot so I still have about 50 bucks left, hot dog," said Moore.

With chair guards and a dry erase board still on Lisa's list, she'll be back in stores this weekend, spending.

"Every penny, I'll probably go over and have to dig in my pocket some, but that is okay, that is okay, I'm just happy to have the hundred dollars," said Moore.

On average, Lisa spends $20 a month to replenish her classroom and is thankful for any help with the bill.

"Thank you Governor Perdue and our Georgia legislature, do I need to sign?" questioned Moore.

Because the lessons learned here in her classroom are priceless.

Teachers only have until midnight Sunday to spend their $100 dollar gift cards.

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