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Sonny swings south to deliver credit cards

August 4, 2006

Albany --  For the first time, teachers were given one hundred dollar gift cards to use on classroom supplies this year. Governor Sonny Perdue traveled around the state to kick off the tax free weekend and to say 'thank you' to teachers who so often spend their own money on supplies for students.

Democratic opponent Mark Taylor is labeling Perdue's trip "Tour de Fraud," that it's an election year gimmick.

"There's no way you can buy teacher's affection with $100," Perdue said.  "It's simply the right thing to do to acknowledge the $400, $599, $600 and sometimes more than a thousand dollars they've been taking out of their pocket, so it's just an expression of gratitude. If anybody gets upset about that, bless their heart."

"You know I haven't heard any negatives from teachers. The only negative I've heard is those people who want my job, so I don't think that's a negative at all."

Perdue says the program is popular with teachers this year, but there's no way to know if the budget will allow for the gift cards in the future.



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