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Heavy traffic as Lee county schools begin

August 4, 2006

Leesburg - - While schools in Lee County got off to a good start today, getting to school was a challenge on its own. The start of the school year means extra traffic for this small South Georgia town.

The first day of school means bumber to bumper traffic.

"It was bad, very bad. It was crowded...all the busses," says parent Tanya Brookings.

Not to mention the cars.... from parents taking their kids to school to everyday working people.

During the school hour rush, a cement truck driver swerved off of U.S. 19 and overturned just south of the city limits. He wasn't hurt, but the wreck contributed to the traffic congestion.

Police say there's really not a need for crossing guards in this small county, but many of them are working extra hours making sure children get to school safely and dealing with the extra traffic.

"Traffic was real heavy but the first 2 days of school we expect this in the morning and afternoon till the parents get used to the kids going to school," says Leesburg Police Chief Charles Moore.

From U.S. 19 to the entrances at every school, all you saw was car after car.

Five year old Hannah's father was able to manuever his way to Kinchafoone Elementary today.

"I live on Groover and there were cars all the way down the road, I went a different way. I said I'm not going to wait for the cars," says parent Jason Goodman.

Whether they beat the traffic or sat through it, many parents made it with their kids on time. Walking hand in hand creating memories that the first day of school is always sure to bring; a little added comfort knowing that your little one is o.k. after you fought to get him here.

"It was a long line of cars. How long did it take you? I left home about 10 minutes till 8 and now it's 8:15. You didn't expect this? Mm-hmm," Brookings said.

Leesburg Police returned to the roads to assist with traffic when school let out today.

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