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Sprinkler system installers are busy

August 3, 2006

Albany -- South Georgia's dry summer weather has actually had a positive effect on some businesses.

Companies that install sprinkler systems say they're in high demand because of statewide watering restrictions. You're only allowed to water three days a week, and no one is supposed to water from 10 am to 4 pm.

Workers at Advanced Lawn and Sprinkler Incorporated say more people are having automated water systems installed so they don't have to worry about when to turn on their sprinklers.

"The drought is driving people to automation to get by with water restrictions to try and supplement the little bit of rainfall we have to get the water where it is suppose to be, to keep their grass and plants healty," said Ward Summerell.

Some other irrigation companies say they've been busy with repairs to water systems as well as installations.

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