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Gas prices surpass $3

August 3, 2006

Albany -- The price of gas in Albany has surpassed the $3 mark at some local stations.

This as big oil companies announce record profits for second quarter earnings. Exxon Mobil reported the second largest quarterly profit in history at more than 10-billion dollars.

Following the news, drivers have mixed feelings about the prices we pay at the pump."They're out there searching for other sources of fuel and all that stuff, and they're using their funds, their profits and all that stuff to find other ways of fueling all these vehichles. The $3, it doesn't bother me," said Frank Marx.

"I just feel like the gas price too high, even though it's reaching $3. I just feel like it should go down at some point, before you know it it will be at $5 before you know it," said Willie Simmons.

According to AAA, the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded is more than $3. In Georgia, it's $2.95.

The only time it's been higher was right after Hurricane Katrina when many stations were accused of price gouging.




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