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Lee water restrictions relaxed

August 3, 2006

Lee County - - An outdoor watering ban for Lee Countians will be lifted Saturday. 

The Lee County Utilities Authority implemented the ban last month to conserve water. Now, it's 15,000 customers will be allowed to water outdoors, but statewide restrictions still apply.  

"We have been getting some rain showers, thunderstorms like we got today and that has really helped and our citizens have done a good job conserving water. Our wells our well-rested," says Chris Boswell of the Lee County Utility Authority.

Boswell says the county is now restoring its Glendale water well and it has opened bids on a brand new well on Industrial Park off of Oakland Court.

The county also plans to put a larger storage tank next to that well. Boswell hopes to have all of this up and running by next year.  

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