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Robbers vandalize home

August 3, 2006

Doerun - - A group of people in one Doerun neighborhood want police to do something about a string of home break-ins in the last few months.

The owner of one mobile home returned from work this morning only to find it vandalized. The robbers got away with jewelry, checkbooks, and $500 dollars. 

"We're struggling people. We're trying to have something but everytime we leave home, it's houses being broken into there's so many homes being broken into and we're not getting any satisfaction from it. I need help," says Regina Toombs.

The vandals poured bleach in the fish aquairum, poured milk on the floor, and threw eggs on the wall. Other people who live in the area tell us this is becoming all too common.

Toombs believes young gang members are to blame.

Doerun police say home break-ins aren't up any more than usual for this time of year.


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