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Georgia Sales Tax Holiday begins

August 3, 2006

Valdosta - Robin Slade and her daughter Ashley are finishing up their back to school shopping before school starts Monday.  "We were out shopping for some school supplies, notebooks, color crayons, pencils.  All the stuff you'd need for my fourth grader and my eighth grader," said Robin Slade.

With today being the first day of the Sales Tax Weekend in Georgia, they are saving seven percent on their purchases.  "The sales tax weekend has helped a lot!  I've probably saved $10 to $15 off everything that I've bought, with the clothes and all the paper goods," Slade added.

Helping working families like the Slades was one of the reason's State Senator Tim Golden sponsored the bill back in 1999.  "Representative Ron Borders and I in 1999 introduced the first sales tax holiday in Georgia.  It took us three years to convince the then Governor Roy Barnes to implement it which he did in 2002 and we've had it ever since," said Senator Golden.

His bill helps more than just working families and students.  The Tax Holiday is also designed to help retailers who provide employment to one fifth of Georgia residents.  "Sales tax holiday is just a great win, win.  It's a boost for retail sectors.  They basically have Christmas twice a year because their sales double and triple in some cases," the Senator added.

With parents and students a like rushing to the malls, it's easy to see why.  "Next we're headed over to the Valdosta Mall to do some clothes shopping," said Slade.

The Sales Tax Weekend last until Sunday at midnight.


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