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Saving energy will save you money

August 2, 2006

Albany -- There are ways you can cut costs on your power bill. You probably don't realize up to 25% of the electricity you use can come from appliances you're not even using.

 As long as they're plugged in, they're still using a lot of energy. Simply unplugging a television or computer can save you money.

There are other ways to save too. Take a regular incandescent 60-watt light bulb. It puts out 60-watts of light and uses that much energy. You can buy two for about $2.00.

"This one here uses 60-watts and the energy saver bulb uses a total of 14-watts," said Keino Braddy. It's called a compact fluorescent light bulb. It uses little energy, and lasts ten times as long as the incandescent.

While this funny shaped bulb may cost you a little more, it saves in the long run. Total savings for the year... "Up to 46-dollars a year as far as using this bulb compare to using this one," said Keino Braddy.

When buying appliances, "They have the yellow tags in here like this," said Keith Grablewski.

Those marked with an energy star could equal lots of savings. "You pay a little bit more for some of the energy star appliances because the technology is a little bit greater, but in the long run you definitely save yourself a lot of money," said Keith Grablewski.

An energy star washing machine will save on your water bills too. Totals savings for a year. "Front loaders on the washing machines are definitely the way to go you can save yourself two or three hundred dollars a year alone just on your water bill," said Keith Grablewski.

Investing in new windows and doors can help keep your home cooler during summer and warmer in winter. More airtight seals and double-paned glass keep energy inside, which means less work for your AC or heater.

"Replacing your windows to a low-e window will help in the long run at the cost of your heating and cooling bill," said Ashton Newberry.

While purchasing energy efficient appliances and houseware doesn't come cheap, payback comes over time. Energy conservation starts right away.

Studies show that up to 10% of energy used nationwide comes from electronics plugged in and on stand by.



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