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People need help paying power bills

August 2, 2006

Albany -- The heat wave continues in much of the country. We're at the peak of summer energy usage, and that means your power bill is probably much higher than usual.

If you need help paying it, you may be out of luck.

Albany's Water Gas and Light Commission gets about 100 requests a day from people who say they can't afford to pay their bills. WG&L has a program called HOPE, Helping Others Pay Electricity.

But so many people have requested help, the emergency program is out of money until mid-August."It will probably be the 15th before we have anymore monies available. We don't want to over extend ourselves and we know historically that August and September are our to hottest months, so we're trying not to do anything unless it's a dire emergency," said Lorie Farkas of WG&L.

More people ask for help when school starts, but people who can't pay their bill because they spent too much on school supplies don't qualify.

$30,000 from churches helped people pay their bills through the HOPE program last fiscal year.



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