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Car taxes may be eliminated

August 2, 2006

Albany -- State leaders are considering giving you a tax break, but county leaders worry it will put the squeeze on them.

A State House Committee is traveling Georgia holding hearings on car taxes. If you own a car, ad valorem taxes are due every year on your birthday. It's based on the value of your car.

For the fiscal year that just ended, the tax brought in 7.2-million dollars for Dougherty County. The tax director says it would be hard to replace that money."If this ad valorem tax is taken away, as far as part of the motor vehichle program that only puts the tax on someone else, in other words, it's just a major shift on where those taxes are going to come from," said Tax Director Denver Hooten.

If the state eliminates the tax, it would affect the county, city, and school system. Those three entities split the revenue.



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