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Albany State announces strategic plan

August 2, 2006

Albany -- As part of the University system of Georgia, Albany State University has put together a set of four goals to be met in the next five years. the first goal will be to strengthen the historic mission of the university while serving the region and states diverse educational needs.

"If we can start today, as we are already doing through our articulation agreements with Albany Tech, Bainbridge, and with Waycross. To make education available where people are just in time we will have a vibrant institution and a vibrant university in the coming five years" said A.S.U. President Dr. Freeman. 

The plans second goal will be to advance the southwest Georgia's educational, social, and economic opportunities in hopes to attract grow and retain business in the region.

"My goal and our goal as an institution is to continue finding ways to do that. To partner with organizations and businesses and strengthen organizations and businesses and provide technical support" said Freeman.  

 The third goal will be to build a stronger university community by increasing customer satisfaction, improving human resource development and enhancing organizational capacity.

Last, but not least, the fourth goal will be to provide a state of the art technology infrastructure that will support the university's goals.

"We are ratcheting up our technology resources so we can continue to provide those," said Freeman. Bold moves that will take Albany State University into two-thousand and eleven. 

 Albany State University has held community focus group sessions to implement the five year plan, along with its own strategic planning committee members.   

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