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Men caught pursuing child on national TV appear in court

August 2, 2006

Hamilton, GA  --  Accused sexual predators busted on Dateline NBC go to court. Some of them are from south Georgia.

Working with and NBC, the Harris County Sheriff's officers caught 20 men trying to arrange sexual encounters with young boys and girls, using the Internet.  

Four of the 20 are from right here in our viewing area.  

They shuffled into court in Hamilton, Georgia dressed in jail stripped uniforms, handcuffed, shackled and shamed. These eight men are the only ones who haven't bonded out after their arrest last week on Internet child sex charges.

Four of those arrested are from our area, but only one of them was in court.  Thirty-one-year- old Jacob Cason, a diesel mechanic from Nashville, Georgia.  Cason admits he chatted on the Internet with who he thought was a 13-year-old girl, masturbated for her on a web cam, then drove three and a half hours to rural Harris County to meet her.    

Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley watched as the parade of men arrived at the house and were confronted by Dateline NBC's Chris Hansen. "The fact that adults would go into the sanctity of a home where parents feel there children are safe..." said the sheriff.   "It's really a deviant flaw in their character that allows them to want to entice a child into a sexual encounter."

Three other South Georgians were also arrested: twenty-five-year old John Adam Daniels, a cabinet shop worker from Bainbridge, 35-year old Marvin Harrison Smith, a Waffle House employee in Tifton, and 24-year old Reymundo Anguiano, unemployed and living on Whispering Pines Road in Albany.

Also in the group, a computer software worker from Alpharetta, an Iraqi war veteran from Ft. Stewart, a youth minister and a school teacher.

Harris County, just north of Columbus, population 24,000, is considered safe by most standards. "It's surprising here in a small town, but I mean really, in the world today, you know, it's everywhere," said Hamilton resident Debbie Murphy. 

Sheriff Jolley says, though, this proves these crimes can and do happy everywhere. "Years ago, your parents would take you to a playground and say 'don't talk to a stranger.' Now we want them to know that if they're on the Internet, don't talk to a stranger because there are people out there that are evil, there's people out there that will do your child some harm."

Charges a against the men include enticing a child for indecent purposes, criminal attempt to commit child molestation and having obscene Internet contact.   If you want to see these men get caught in the act, watch for Dateline NBC's Special: To Catch a Predator, which airs in mid September.



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