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Construction delays start of school for some in Grady Co.

August 2, 2006

Grady County-  Construction will delay the start of class for some Grady County students. More than 16 million dollars of construction took place last year and during this summer break at various Grady County Schools. It's given students new classrooms, but forced others to learn about moving and delays.

Construction during summer break at Grady County schools will continue into the school year. It's forced teachers like Mandi Ulmer to get creative with the set up of her soon to be vacated classroom. Boxes that should have been emptied into new classrooms are hidden for the start of school Friday.

"We're trying to set up this room and make do with what we have. We want it to be fun and open, and have stuff to play with, work with, and teach with, but it's kind of still boxed," said Mandi Ulmer, Southside Kindergarten Teacher.

Southside Elementary's new 14 classrooms are 90 percent complete, but won't be ready for Friday.

"Other than the flooring, most of the carpet's been installed, some sodding has to take place outside and out back and a little bit of landscaping, but we hope to be in the building in a couple weeks," said Charlie McBee, Southside Elementary Principal.

The hallways are also buzzing at Shiver Elementary where construction continues, construction that will delay the start of school by a day.

"Because of the massive amounts of furniture that we have to move and things that have to be done, we have made the decision to delay school for the Shiver students until Monday," said Patsy Clark, Shiver Elementary Principal.

Teachers have been turned into moving machines, trying to get the space ready. At Shiver, construction will continue through the end of October, some during the school day, but most of it after hours.

"We have a new wing constructed in the back. A brand new lunchroom, a brand new media center, and then during the summer they took on the task of renovating the original part of the school which was actually two wings," said Clark.

Frustrating, but teachers say worth the wait for new and renovated classroom space that will give students an A-plus learning environment. 

Other construction project include a new gymnasium at Cairo High School and additional wings at Whigham and Eastside Elementary.

All students but Shiver Elementary will start Friday. Shiver Elementary will begin classes Monday.



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