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Crossing guards back on the job

August 2, 2006

Albany --  When the last school year ended in Dougherty County, crossing guards weren't sure if they would have a job to come back to. But last week, they found out they would-- at least on a temporary basis.   

"It's just good to see the people. Good to be back out," said crossing guard Franklin Robinson. Back out, because Franklin Robinson wasn't quite sure he would be back in. "Sometimes you think you got a job, and the next thing you know, you ain't got a job."

But for today, he does, and for that, he's glad. It's not the money; after all he only works a couple of hours a day. "I love it, because I love kids anyway, and that makes all the difference. I feel like I'm doing something where I can help somebody, even if it ain't nothing but helping them cross the street, it's helping somebody."

Help that's greatly needed here at the intersection of Gillionville and Magnolia. "This is a very busy crossing right here, and I would hate to see any kid up here trying to cross with the traffic like it is."

Especially with drivers zipping past, completely ignoring the speed limit. "They know that's too fast in this school zone, they know that. Some people don't care. They just come through here speeding and not looking after nobody, they just trying to get where they need to go."

But Franklin's here helping kids get where they need to go. "We have to look out for our kids if we want them to make it." Crossing into a new year, all with a little help.

Franklin Robinson says he likes his job so much he would volunteer if he had to, but probably wouldn't be able to do that everyday without pay.

The Dougherty County School Board brought the crossing guards back on for 30 days to see which crosswalks need guards, and which ones can do without.



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