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Georgia Bioenergy conference held

August 1, 2006

Tifton -- With gasoline prices nearing the three dollar mark, there's an increasing interest in breaking our country's oil addiction.   

At the University of Georgia in Tifton Tuesday morning,  a Georgia Bioenergy conference kicked into gear.  The conference informed south Georgians on the advantages of using Bioenergy in the place of oil.  

Special guests hope to encourage state and federal lawmakers on the importance of utilizing alternative fuels.  

Governor Sonny Perdue attended the meeting and served as guest speaker. "The thought, the vision, of being able to grow ourselves our of energy dependence upon foreign oil is very very thrilling to us to think that we can do that."       

Perdue says before we can begin using alternative fuels in Georgia, more economic and scientific research needs to be performed. The conference wraps up tomorrow.



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