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Thomasville fights crime with Night Out

August 1, 2006

Thomasville-  Albany isn't the only community concerned about crime. The theme for Thomasville's National Night Out event is unity in the community. As a community, Thomasville Police hope to curb crime.

Tents were tied down in Paradise Park Tuesday for the National Night Out. Thomasville Police hope the event will help them make different ties with the community.

"Anytime the community's more aware of what the police department's doing gives them the opportunity to defeat crime, that's obviously a great opportunity," said Sam Nunnally, A Thomasville resident.

"I don't know of any community in the United States that is free of any type of crime. Where people live you're always going have something happen, it may just be theft, it can end up as serious as homicide, but it's always out there. People need to be aware of what to do and how to protect themselves against it," said Sgt. Rachelle Denmark, Thomasville Police.

Police officers will offer plenty of information, from alcohol prevention and drug abuse to crime prevention techniques, but businesses and organizations will offer services too.

"There are so many resource out there that our people aren't aware of, plus it's a lot of fun for adults and kids, everybody," said Denmark.

"I think it's definitely needed, I would think it would be needed in lots of communities. I think it would be very helpful and informative," said Gloria Gaston, a Thomasville resident.

Informative and a chance to bring the community together with a common purpose, fighting crime.

"A community united is much better than a community that doesn't care," said Denmark.

It's that unity that police hope to build on to make Thomasville a safer community for all.



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