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New overpass comes to Cordele

July 31, 2006

Cordele--It's a common frustration in Cordele. People often get held up in traffic because of the many trains that roll through downtown every day. But starting tomorrow, drivers won't have to wait anymore.

In Cordele, trains are a driver's worst nightmare. Just ask driver, Deborah Jackson.

"This time I've waited ten minutes and forty-six seconds, and I haven't actually moved yet but the train's moving," says Jackson.

More than 70 trains travel throughout the city daily, that means drivers can often wait anywhere from ten to thirty minutes in traffic.

"There needs to be a better routine for the rush hour," says Jackson.

"It has been extremely aggravating," says Donna Stripling with Carter Burgers.  She blames the trains for slow business.

"It has hurt business because it's really difficult when you're on a time schedule. Sometimes it's fifteen to twenty minutes before the train moves," says Stripling.

For years trains have tied up traffic for many motorists, but starting tomorrow the new 24th Avenue overpass will eliminate that problem. So for you the driver, that means no more waiting in traffic.

"You just can't imagine how excited we really are to finally be crossing over the Norfolk Southern Railroad without having to wait," says city manager Jean Burnette.  She says the overpass will cut down on accidents caused by traffic backups.

"We've had reports of children actually climbing between the cars, under the cars, and I suspect over the cars as well just to get through whenever the trains are stopped," she says.

The State Department of Transportation spear-headed the overpass project.

"There the one's responsible for the funds, the construction, and the whole nine yards," says Burnette.

As for Stripling, she says the new 24th Avenue overpass is long overdue.

"It's going to make everybody's life a lot easier and everybody alot happier," she says.

 And business a lot busier, and for that she's grateful.

"Thank you city of Cordele! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" says Stripling.

Tommorow morning at 11:30 there will be a dedication ceremony to celebrate the opening of the new overpass.



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